"This isn't a watercolor, it's a mural." - Erich Segal

The banner mural of ships and fishing supplies decorates the fence of a parking lot just off Marine Drive in White Rock B.C.
(Artist unknown)

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Monday, March 12, 2012

"Fort Spitzee"

A friend sent some photos of the historic murals in High River, Alberta. I'll be posting those in the next few weeks.

"Fort Spitzee" painted by Terry Winter, 1992 (photo © 2007 by Ramona Heikel)

Today's photo is a High River street scene with just a teaser of a mural ("Fort Spitzee" by Terry Winter, 1992).  Wouldn't you just love to walk between the buildings and see the whole thing?

Notice the Hudson Bay coat worn by the person in the painting. Hudson Bay blankets (white with characteristic green, red, yellow and blue stripes) were one of the items the Indians got in trade for beaver pelts.

A brochure on the High River web site gives walking tour directions to view all the town's murals and tells the story of each one. Below is the story of the Fort Spitzee mural from that brochure. 



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