"This isn't a watercolor, it's a mural." - Erich Segal

The banner mural of ships and fishing supplies decorates the fence of a parking lot just off Marine Drive in White Rock B.C.
(Artist unknown)

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Chemainus, B.C. - 3

The town of Chemainus continued to add to its mural collection year by year.

Chemainus Tug Boat - 1984 (painted by Harry Heine, Victoria, B.C.)
Built in 1909 for the Victoria Lumber & Manufacturing Company Ltd.

Chinese Bull Gang - 1984 (painted by Ernest Marza, Victoria, B.C.)
Twenty-three men of the “Chinese Bull Gang” struggle to move a huge timber through the lumber yard to a waiting sailing vessel.

World in Motion - 1986 (painted by Alan Wylie, Fort Langley, B.C.)
1883- 1939 Parade, Heritage Hotels and Shriner Band.

Chemainus Harbor 1910 - 1987 (painted by Colin Williams)
A panoramic view of Chemainus in 1910 capturing the colorful memories of the old logging town.



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